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Students: Fallen in Love


Amelia Vogler

Hi there!

Welcome! I’m Amelia Vogler, the Executive Director of the Healing Touch Professional Association.

Almost 13 years ago, I started my Healing Touch journey.  First, I was a client receiving the work for migraine headaches.  (I don’t get those anymore.) Then, I was a student. 

After my Level 1 class, I drove 6 and a half hours home from Atlanta, GA to Cary, NC and I remember thinking, “My goodness, I think every color in the world looks brighter.” I went home, light blue notebook in hand, and I immediately called everyone that I knew and asked them things like, “Hi! What’s bothering you today? Didn’t you just have knee surgery? Are you feeling cranky?” I became somewhat preoccupied in an innocent way with people’s issues and I practiced book in hand, tip jar on my table, until I felt like I knew the methods. Then it was down for Level 2 and then for Level 3. 

I remember wishing that I had community in my area, but there were no other students that I knew of around me. I remember camping out in my practitioner’s office asking question after question. She was gracious enough to mentor and support me. That support was essential to my journey. Her love was essential to my inspiration. Her belief in me was essential to my development. 

I remember this time in my life everyday that I come to work on behalf of you. The HTPA is here to support your journey from the very beginning with wonderful programs to guide you; experienced community members to support you; and love to inspire you. Just as my practitioner believed in me, I believe in you!

You are so warmly welcomed to join us here at the HTPA! It would be a privilege to support you!

In service of your Service,








New Member - Learning Path

Explore with us and see how we can support you:

Whether you are a student looking for support, a mentee starting your practice or a professional searching for a community we are here for you.

  • Increase Confidence
    Enjoy the experience of new learning with support and encouragement from those who have already walked this path.


  • Enhance Your Health and Wellbeing
    Ask others for tips and tricks for including Healing Touch into your life for your self-care.


  • Make Your Community a More Peaceful Place
    Receive creative ideas on sharing Healing Touch with your family, friends, and neighbors and watch your close community receive your gifts of great service, even as a student!


  • Bring Love into Your Life
    Practicing Healing Touch allows you an opportunity to practice self-love and love for others and connects you to universal healing light each time you give a treatment.


  • Volunteer and Give Back
    Our members join our local chapters and get involved in practice groups and volunteer events to support your practice and sharing of Healing Touch.