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Exhibitor Outreach HTPA Grant

The Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) is excited to announce the following extension of our association’s fund through the Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation to support practitioners, students, and instructor’s participation at local and regional conferences as exhibitors (having a table or a booth at an event to promote the awareness of Healing Touch and a personal practice (or practices – if more than one individual is sharing the booth).

The goal of this extension is four-fold:

  1. To empower our local practitioners to educate their local communities about Healing Touch.
  2. To allow Healing Touch Program’s presence in charitable and community-events, which increases good will and awareness at the local, state, and national organizational levels.
  3. To allow practitioners access to their local communities and support their own practices and community awareness.
  4. To increase  the visibility of the Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation.

Information about the Grant:

HTWF will reimburse up to $370 for practitioners for certain expenses associated with having a table at a community event.   These events include: Charity Walks, Charitable Fundraising Events, Community Health Fairs, Community Events with a Health-Care or Wellness focus an example might be ‘Moving Day’ through the National Parkinson’s Foundation. This does not include HTP Sponsored events.

Included in this $370 grant reimbursement:

  • HTWF will reimburse up to $20 in minor expenses for the table (treats, water, decorations, etc.).
  • HTWF will reimburse reasonable travel expenses at the federal standard of $0.14/mile up to 250 miles.
  • HTWF will reimburse up to $79 in shipping for the Exhibition Outreach Kit (which includes standard HTP, HTWF, HTPA assets to be displayed at the booth).
  • The remainder of the money can be used to pay towards the tabling fee.

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Meet Denise, one of our first Grant Recipients! 

She's tabling at the MGS Annual Conference. "Wellness Agenda: Healthy Communities. Healthy You."


Using the fund requires the exhibitor at the event to:

  • Take a few pictures of the booth to share on social media. Be mindful to not take photographs of individual’s faces, without asking specific permission, to honor privacy.
  • Collect names and e-mails for individuals who request more information about the program and classes for Healing Touch Program using sign in sheet. Sign in sheet also includes photo release.
  • Stay for the entire length of the exhibitor hours each day.
  • Fill out the Reimbursement Request Form - Exhibitor Outreach which includes sending receipts and uploading sign in sheet. This form can be found on the HTPA website under Grants and can be found below.

Practitioner / Student Requirements and additional information:

  • The exhibiting individual may put his or her business cards at the event.
  • The individual needs to be of Healing Touch Level 3 or higher, or have another volunteer with this status.
  • The individual may give small treatments at the booth as long as there is an HT Level 3 or higher student there to take questions and talk to individuals.
  • This grant is available worldwide but the funds will be distributed at the US Currency exchange rate at the time of application approval.