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HTPA offers you:

community greenA community that has been there before and can offer you tips to succeed

grow blueAdvanced energy education to help you feel confident and grow in your healing skills

thrive tealBusiness support to expand your Healing Touch practice


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If you have a practice, you may want to consider the Professional or Insurance Membership levels. If you want to be selective of the programs you wish to participate in (and pay a small fee for individual programs) you may want to consider the Support or Community Membership levels.  

Pink Heart Support Membership is only $50 a year (that's less than $5 a month!) and gives you access to the Togetherness Calls, so you can stay connected and be of service to your community and will also give you access to the monthly Instructor-led Practice Groups for Levels 1, 2 and 3, so you can gain confidence in administering Healing Touch techniques with guidance of an instructor.

Green Heart Community Membership is $95 a year (that's less than $8 a month!) and gives you access to the above plus Virtual Chapter, Virtual Book Club, Self-Care programs, and Member in the Spotlight so you can share your wisdom and connect with your healing community.

Blue Heart Professional Membership is $135 a year (or only $12/month) and gives you full access to all HTPA programs, including Energy Education and Business Support programs. This includes the valuable and well-attended Healer Development series to deepen your Healing Touch practice.

Purple Heart Insurance Membership, starting at $245 a year (that's less than $21 a month!), includes the Professional level membership plus liability insurance to protect your practice (there are 3 different levels of insurance to choose from)

*The monthly payment option is only available for Professional Level Membership. All other membership levels are paid annually.

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Our members:

  • 26% are Healing Touch students
  • 39% have their own energy healing practice
  • 22% integrate Healing Touch within their healthcare career
  • 13% use Healing Touch in other ways
  • 1479* HTPA Members dedicated to thriving in their healing practice (*as of May 2022)


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  • HTPA Professional Membership value is $3,500+ a year!
  • Live online events offered monthly on energy education, business support, self-care, and community programs
  • Monthly Level 1, 2 and 3 instructor-led, online practice groups 
  • Over 130 recorded programs currently in the HTPA Member Portal (Value of $4800+)



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  • Liability coverage is specifically designed for energy practitioners and their practice.
  • This individual (one person) coverage is tailored to cover students, practitioners and instructors.
  • HTPA offers an annual policy that renews year-to-date.
  • United States residents only.
  • Explore insurance options HERE


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  • Minimum of 4 recorded programs added to the HTPA Member Portal each month
  • Minimum of 8 live online events offered each month (Value of $265+ a month)
  • Monthly offerings include:
    • 1 Energy Education event
    • 2 Virtual Chapter meetings
    • 1 Virtual Book Club meeting
    • 1 Togetherness Call
    • 3 Practice Groups
    • PLUS MORE!


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HTPA has programs to meet the specific needs of students, mentees and professionals.

Join HTPA to support you wherever you are in your Healing Touch journey.




  • Instructor-led, online practice groups for Levels 1, 2, and 3 with technique review and discussion
  • Virtual Chapter to connect with your community
  • Plus learn and grow from the programs listed under mentees and professionals


  • Mentorship and Certification programs
  • Expanding Your Network: Exploring Self-Care Modalities to help with Level 5 Growth work requirements
  • Virtual Book Club meetings to support your Level 5 reading requirements


  • Healer Development Series: to Deepen your Healing Touch Practice where experienced practitioners share their knowledge and skills
  • Business programs to support you with marketing, technology and more
  • Energy education events with experienced energy medicine professionals

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What Members are saying...


Rosann Geiser

Rosann Geiser, HTCP/I, RN, MSN

"Over the years I've appreciated the inspiration and updates I receive through the programs that HTPA has offered. I've belonged to many professional organizations over the course of my nursing career.  This membership is by far well worth the investment of money and time! And I appreciate the security that HTPA's liability insurance provides me."

Rosann Geiser, HTCP/I, RN, MSN

Margaret Leslie

Margaret Leslie, HTSM-CP/I, MS, LMT, CCA

"I feel it is very important to belong to the professional organization that supports whatever work one does. It gives credibility to the work one is doing, support in doing one's work, connection to persons in the profession and voice for the profession in the communities. The opportunities that HTPA offer its membership are great! Connectedness, the availability for insurance (a big plus!), opportunities for growth within our profession through education."           

Margaret Leslie, HTSM-CP/I, MS, LMT, CCA

Jerry Becker

Jerry Becker HTCP/I, QM, CAE

"I'm not alone, I'm part of a community of like-minded persons.  The group has such a dynamic energy that allows one to grow and develop.  There is a genuine feeling of support and caring.  The professional development classes made available are quite beneficial, the group has so much to share and so many ideas that can allow your practice and self-care to grow."

Jerry Becker HTCP/I, QM, CAE

HTPA Members


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