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Service to the Military

"All it really takes for a community to organize a Stand Down is a group of dedicated volunteers committed to assisting homeless veterans improve their situation."


HTPA is dedicated to helping our veterans and has created a guide titled Healing Touch Service to the Military and Their Families; A “How To” Guide and Resources to aid in the process.

As awareness of the healing support needed by our military men, women and their families continues to grow the opportunities for assistance grow as well. This “how to” e-manual contains resources that will help you offer Healing Touch services to our veterans and their families. A popular and growing venue in which to provide Healing Touch is an event called Stand Down. This manual applies to this venue as well as to a wide variety of events of your choosing.

This guide is also used by our many local chapters as an outreach tool in the local community. For additional information, please check with your local chapter.


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