HTWF 2020 HT Month - Healing Touch Professional Association

HTWF Healing Touch Month 2020 

Join remotely with intention and love during Healing Touch Month’s  Weekly Intentional Healing: 

Four Mondays- May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th at 6 pm local time, 15-minutes. We are coming together intentionally as a community to help heal and slow down the coronavirus. We will light a candle and set our love and intention for healing - safety for loved ones, clients, healthcare & death care workers, front line service people, communities, and the world at large.

Use the following meditation to support the creation of your sacred space for your weekly healing. 

Healing Touch Distant Healing Meditation




Alright, so let’s begin and take this first moment to feel our feet on the ground, connecting our feet to this beautiful mother earth and feeling that connection.  And as we make intentional contact with the earth, allow yourself to create some intentional connection with yourself.  Maybe moving your toes, a little bit, or stomping your feet a little on the floor, or even taking your hands and patting your legs.  Bringing a nice intentional connection to your physical body.  For to be present with the All also requires that we are also present with ourselves first.

And in this presence, allow yourself to begin to bring your attention to your heart. And connect there. Intentionally walking that path between the head, and the mind, and the heart.  Drawing your attention to that deep well of love and energy that exists within all of us.  And I would like to invite you to take a few and deep cleansing breaths arriving into this moment setting aside any distractions, any to do lists, any obligations, and allowing yourself to follow that invitation to the sacred place of right now.  And in this right now, there is a remembered space that holds the potential for all possibilities.  And using your breath to connect to this space of all possibilities, each breath deepening your connection.  Breathing through the folds, reaching the faraway places.

And feel yourself coming closer to all the possibilities. Each one growing more accessible and more palpable all around you. And from these possibilities, create an invitation that you are sent the nourishment that you are needing at this time. Call out for what it is that you are needing: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.  And know that as you call out for nourishment, you are calling out to the land that you stand on, that you are calling out to the air that you are breathing, that you are calling out for nourishment from the light that is streaming to you from the cosmos above.  And allow yourself a few moments to sit in the nourishment. 

Allowing yourself to be refilled, refueled, supported, energized, activated, balanced, restored. All of these answers coming from that great space of all possibilities.  Sitting here in the sacred container of right now.

Visualize yourself in the company of all of your Healing Touch companions.  Each friend and colleague of the light standing around this great beautiful earth. And imagine reaching your hands out and holding hands, fully supported by spirit, by the earth, and fully connected to you heart. Reaching out and visualizing all of us standing in a great circle around this beautiful globe. And as we attune to each other and our collective light, allow it to grow brighter as we grow together.  Feeling the oneness of our connection through this common intention of healing. And from this great collective circle we contribute to and receive from all of the healing energy that is needed in continuous waves of giving and receiving.  Partnering in the unending cycle of supportive love. And from this great well of love, with amplitude expanded and extended, we come together in the calling of the light. We come together to answer that calling. We come together to give. We come together to support. We come together to love.  We come together intentionally as a community to help heal and slow down the coronavirus. We come together to answer that great calling of the light.

And you are invited to light a candle and set your love and intention for healing and safety for loved ones, for clients, for health care and death care workers, front line service people, communities and the world at large.

We come together to answer the call of the light. And we rise. We rise in our calling.