Application - Healing Touch Professional Association

Process for applying for the Grant

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Applications are reviewed on the following quarterly dates:  January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15 of each year.  

  1. Please copy the following information into an e-mail and submit that e-mail to: Amelia Vogler, the Executive Director of HTPA (click hyperlink to compose your e-mail).

  2. Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail from Amelia indicating your conference exhibition has been approve to be supported by this grant. In this approval, you will be provided with instructions on how to request your Outreach Coordinator Kit from the Healing Touch Program Store.

  3. Follow the instructions provided to receive your Outreach Coordinator Kit from the Healing Touch Program Store

  4. After the event, ship back the Exhibitor Outreach Kit to HTP.

  5. E-mail the Exhibitor Outreach Grant Summary (which includes all receipts) and your Outreach List to the HTPA. (These are two documents that you will receive upon approval.)

  6. After receiving the Exhibitor Outreach Kit and Summary, reimbursements will be processed by HTPA and a check will be mailed to you.


About Acceptance & Reimbursement

Please understand that due to the limitations of the fund, we may not be able to accept all of the submissions. We have identified $800 as the total grant money available per quarter.  We will do our best to move the funds into the events that will reach the most people and support the greatest awareness of Healing Touch worldwide.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate how the grant money is distributed:

  • The size of the conference or event (or, the number of individuals in attendence)
  • The sponsoring organization (For example, the American Cancer Association versus a local Co-Op or healing center)
  • The amount requested for the event (We are going to try hard to ensure that our grant money supports the most amount of people and this might mean in any given quarter that more smaller local events would take priority over one large event.)

During the first few rounds of submissions, we will be determining how best to communicate these criteria and provide additional examples and information as it becomes available to you.


Grant Application

Please copy and e-mail the following information to the HTPA:  Amelia Vogler, the Executive Director of HTPA.

Provide the contact information for the applicant who is applying for the grant:

Full Name and Credentials:

Mailing Address:




Please provide the following information about the event or conference that you are applying to participate in:

Sponsoring organization:  (For example, American Cancer Association)

Name of the event/conference:

Date of the event/conference:

Location of the event/conference:

The cost of the table/event space:

The amount of money being requested in this event:  (Please indicate if a partial payment is useful or if you need the full amount.)

Approximately how far are you travelling for this event?

Please provide a short description of the event/conference and why you wanted to exhibit?

If you are exhibiting with other practitioners or students, please list their names and credentials.