Chapter Goals - Healing Touch Professional Association

Chapter Goals

In keeping with HTPA’s purpose and vision, you may consider aligning your chapter with the following goals:


  • Create Community – a Local Chapter is organized and facilitated by a specific HTPA member(s). However, everyone, including non-members, are welcome to join and participate.

  • Disseminate Information about Healing Touch and HTPA – a variety of continually expanding resources (articles, research, class & event schedules/descriptions, flyer templates, etc.) are available to chapters.

  • Chapter Meetings – each local chapter decides how often they will meet and what their meetings will consist of. There are meeting ideas and reports from other chapters available. A current listing of local chapters is available on the Community Connections website.

  • Funds – Funds that are raised by a chapter will be kept by the local chapter to cover any operating costs.

  • Participate In and Grow Chapter Projects – some chapter projects are: establishing local HT Clinics; Service Days for the elderly, homeless, military; Health Fairs; Brown Bag Presentations; Outreach to HT students and practitioners who have dropped out; Self-care Plans; Annual HTPA Membership Drive.

  • Maintain Communication within your Chapter – create a Facebook page for your Chapter, have a group email blast, even a group on Twitter.

  • Develop Special Interest Groups – within your chapter you may have different interest groups like business, volunteer, speakers, networkers. It will be fun and exciting to join together to do what you love to do.

  • Explore Group Media Exposure and Advertising – once a chapter is established there are possibilities of finding like-minded individuals to develop co-opportunities with. It can be cost saving to join together to create a local group ad for activities, clients, classes, workshops, etc. Press releases about your chapter and your activities can be sent to your local media outlets.

  • Potential for Group Discounts – many conferences, seminars, retreats, etc. offer discounts for group registrations. An active Chapter can be the pool for such group discounts.

  • Appoint a Lead/Chair –chapters appoint a designated Lead or Chair that posts a monthly recap report on the HTPA Member's Group Facebook page. This Facebook page is also available for you to share your events, classes, and gatherings.


For more information about HTPA Local Chapters or to express an interest in starting one, please the HTPA Community Director.