Membership Levels & Pricing - Healing Touch Professional Association

As a HTPA Member (all levels) receive these basic benefits:

  • Professional recognition as an active HTPA member and as attaining the highest standards within Healing Touch
  • Connection with your like-minded, like-hearted community
  • Opportunity to support the growth of Healing Touch in the holistic movement of health care and wellness
  • Be advised about political and legislative changes as well as opportunities to advocate for Healing Touch
  • Receive discounts on all HTPA events, Healing Touch classes / conferences and discounts for affiliate sponsored events
  • Participate in our private HTPA Member’s Only Facebook group for networking, questions and support (with professionals of all levels)
  • Hear about local and national community and business-related opportunities
  • Request and participate in Humanitarian and Environmental Crisis Relief Meditations



HTPA Benefits Chart

**Professional Membership + Insurance - $245, $275, or $385 annually (depending on Insurance level) Insurance Details Here

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Join HTPA so that you can get access to all the resources and programs that can further support you in your HT Journey!



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Protect your healing practice with liability insurance. Liability coverage is specifically designed for energy practitioners and their practice. This individual (one person) coverage is tailored to cover students, practitioners and instructors. HTPA offers an annual policy that renews year-to-date. United States residents only. Explore insurance options HERE(Insurance Level Membership required)


Energy Education Logo


Advanced energy education events and resources from knowledgeable energy medicine professionals to deepen and expand your energy healing practice and access recordings. The monthly Healer Development Series is an Energy Education program, focused on specific topics such as anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. and how to use Healing Touch to support clients with those issues. These events are well-attended as our members find these extremely helpful and valuable. (These are Energy Education events that are free for HTPA Professional Members, $25 for Support and Community Members, and $50 for the public/non-members).


Business Support Logo


Business programs and resources, such as marketing and technology support, to grow your energy healing business and access recordings and articles. (Professional Level Membership required) [Value of $50 per program]


Certification Hours


Take advantage of the hours of Energy Education and Business Support recordings on our website to count towards your Healing Touch Certification continuing education hours (Professional Level Membership required) [Value of $50 per program]


Mastery Course Logo


Take the Professional Practice Mastery Course to help cultivate a bridge to creating a professional practice. This course features written and video tutorials with all of our best practice advice, time-saving tools, money-saving tips and detailed instruction on growing your spiritual practice. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to start and grow your practice. (Professional Level Membership required) [Value of $650]


Self Care Logo


Access self-care practices and meditations to support you. Expand Your Network: Exploring Self-Care Modalities offers presentations by knowledgeable practitioners on other self-care modalities that you can use for your own self-care and for client referrals. (Community Level Membership required) [Value of $30 per program]


Virtual Chapter Circle Logo


Energy-based presentations every 1st Tuesday that are recorded and round table discussions or meditations the 3rd Tuesday of every month so you can grow and connect with your healing community. (Community Level Membership required) [Value of $80 per month]


Virtual Book Club


Meets every 1st Monday (changing to every 3rd Monday for 2023) for a rich discussion on the book of the month to support Level 5 reading requirements, and so you can share your wisdom and connect with your community. These meetings are recorded. (Community Level Membership required) [Value of $30 per month]


Member Spotlight


A recorded interview with the HTPA Community Director and an opportunity to hear HTPA members' Healing Touch journey as well as how they are using Healing Touch in their practice, the exciting things they are working on now, and tips you can use in your practice. You have the opportunity to be featured in the Member in the Spotlight which is a great way for you to get in front of the HT community and help build your network and client base. (Community Level Membership required) [Value of $15 per interview]


Local Chapter Logo


Join a local chapter and learn about practice groups and community events (Open to all HTPA members)


Practice Groups Logo


Offered monthly for Levels 1, 2 and 3. Instructors provide a technique review and participants have the opportunity to practice the technique under the guidance of the instructor and ask questions in order to gain more confidence in administering Healing Touch techniques. This is a great way to continue to practice all of your Healing Touch techniques and have connection to the HT community. (Free for all HTPA members) [Value of $20 per group]


Grant Funding Logo


Apply for Exhibition or Service to Military Grant funding to exhibit at local or national conferences and showcase your practice and skills events (Open to all HTPA members, HT Level 3 and higher) [Value of $370 per grant]


Togetherness Logo


An opportunity to gather the love and light that we are, ground and center ourselves through a guided meditation, exchange Healing Touch treatments and participate in a group healing meditation where we send healing love and light to those in our community that have requested support. (Support Level Membership required) [Value of $30 a group]

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