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Our HTPA Monthly Business Support Calls are focusing on Professional Development for September, October and November 2011. We interviewed Janna Moll, HTCI on our Sept. 13, 2011 call concerning the Role of Mentorship in Professional Development. During the call Janna gave us numerous tips on how we can raise our personal professional image and thus in turn raise our profession of Energy Medicine (EM) practice as well as how we can introduce EM and Healing Touch to professionals in our local communities. Janna brings her experience of many years of working with professionals into every discussion/interview she conducts. As she is always so generous, she has given us two handouts to share with all who would like to introduce Energy Medicine and/or Healing Touch to professionals. CLICK HERE to receive her handouts. For more information about the Role of Mentorship in your HT Professional Development you can listen to the recording of Janna’s Interview (CLICK HERE)

Bonnie Kelley Morrow, past President of Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation (HTWF), has received her Doctorate in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, AL. She received it with “highest honors.” Bonnie is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor. She also established Healing Touch Texas (owner), first as a coordinator and then as an instructor. She has brought Healing Touch classes to all parts of Texas. Be sure to keep an eye on Bonnie to see how she develops her business now with her new title – Dr. Bonnie Kelly Morrow. CONGRATULATIONS Bonnie!

Kathy Moreland, RN, MScN, CS, HTCP/I took part in a radio interview recently in which she discusses and describes Healing Touch and Biofield Therapies in general. This is a must listen to interview. Be sure to let Kathy know how you liked it. You can contact Kathy by logging in to the HTPA Member Area and going to the Member Profiles. Click here to listen Kathy is also the Chair of the HT Research Advisory Committee. You can visit HTP’s Research website for more info:

An interview with Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor Janna Moll about Healing Touch will air on community radio station KRZA, 88.7 FM, in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. The show airs on Thursday morning, January 27, at 8:30 a.m, Mountain time. Moll discusses the history, development, program, and personal connections, to Healing Touch in a half hour packed with interesting details! Again, tune in at 8:30 a.m. to KRZA. To listen online, go to, Click “Listen Live” on the menu. Click “Play” on the screen that comes up. And click the green arrow on the bar that appears in the next screen that comes up.

Barbara J. Litchfield, HTCP has been successful in getting several articles published. The Whole Living Journal published, “Healing Touch: using energy to heal” (May/June 2010 pg 19) and you can go to to read “How to Release Pain and Unlock Your Own Body’s Power to Heal” (Sept. 21. 2010) and “How to Release Pain and Stress in a Healthy Way” (Oct. 1, 2010). Barb has also posted “How Healing Touch Energy Therapy Can Release Pain and Stress” on She has also written two articles for Energy Magazine: “Reasons Why Good Record Keeping is Important” (Nov 2010) and “The Art of Pastoral Communication in the Healing Touch Session” (May 2009). In addition, on her website she conducts an on-going Blog that you can view. One day soon we will see her e-book. You can network with Barb through her HTPA Member Profile and/or contact her through her website or e-mail

CONGRATULATIONS to Lynn Placek, HTCP/I on her recent radio blog talk (interview) with Susan Piontek. What a great way to bring Healing Touch to the general public! To listen to Lynn’s interview/talk click here.

Cherry-Lee Ward, Md.E, HTCP was interviewed on the monthly HTPA Business Support teleconference call (Nov. 9, 2010). During the interview she shared her vast experience on how to create and teach workshops. Along with many easy to implement and practical tips, Cherry-Lee gave us an outline template for a two hour workshop. In response to requests for her outline, Cherry-Lee has generously created a handout of her tips and workshop template available by following this link to “Creating and Teaching Workshops.” The full recording of her interview is available on the HTPA store.

During our HTPA Business Support “Live” Interview with Nancy Strick, RN, HTCP/I on Oct. 12, 2010, Nancy shared that the day before she had been interviewed by a local T.V. Station in her area of Hudson, OH. Nancy told us that because of a small newspaper announcement her coordinator had placed for her in a local paper (for an upcoming class) that a T.V. News reporter had seen, she rec’d a call from the reporter who requested the interview. Follow this link to view the interview, it’s terrific!

We asked Nancy if she would share the Press Release she used and she has shared two samples (one is for a Class announcement and the other for an Intro) – if you use these examples to develop your own, you might attract a local news reporter too.

Also, here is a book Nancy recommends to help you develop your private practice: Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity by Stacey Hall & Jan Brogniez, 2001, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. San Francisco

You can visit Nancy’s website at

Many of our HTPA members have established themselves in Social Networking and have created websites promoting their healing practices. They are finding that having these tools is bringing them clients and manifesting opportunities to expand their practice. Goals they were not able to materialize before. Click here to visit some of our HTPA member’s websites so you can see how terrific they are.

Mary Jo Bulbrook, HTPA and ACEP member is co-chair of ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee. HTP & HTPA have been invited to participate in their formation of One Voice which has been established for Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine’s Role in Relief for Disaster, Abuse and Trauma. Please click here to read more about this project and to find out how to take the first steps in disaster training to become qualified to participate in this project as a Healing Touch practitioner.

**Please let us know if you are taking the training so we will have a list of those who have taken this first step – send us an e-mail at Be sure to print your FEMA Certificate when you complete the training.

Greg Pitstick authored a new book The Smart Guide To Marketing Your Holistic Practice. This book will show you how to use social networking and the internet to grow your practice. Written specifically for the holistic healing practitioner, this non-technical book reveals the secrets you need to know to attract clients online without spending a ton of cash. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to Aleida Drozdowicz
At the AHNA Conference (June 2010) Aleida received an academic scholarship from the Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program (CMGSP). Aleida’s scholarship is for the Graduate Program. She is seeking a PhD in Holistic Nursing. To learn more about the Scholarship Program go to AHNA Charlotte McGuire Scholarships

David Barnett has launched a web radio program on topics in spirituality and metaphysics. Please join him on Monday nights, 9PM (Mountain), starting July 12, 2010. Go to for the link to either listen live and call-in or to download previous segments including podcast.

Mary Duennes, HTCP/I
Mary has been chosen to receive one of the five Florence Nightingale Awards awarded by the Board of Advisors of the University of Cincinnati. She was selected out of 200 nominations.

Joy Heartsong, HTCP
In her book Awakening the Tiger Within Joy has written her stories, insights, and techniques from suc¬cesses with both her clients and her own healing journey. Her message is that we all have the power to heal. CLICK HERE for the full review by Barbie Starke in the 2010 March Issue of Energy Magazine. You can purchase Joy’s book through the Healing Touch Bookstore.

Cynthia Hutchison, HTCP/I
Cynthia is the Program Director for the Healing Touch Program and has produced a long awaited set of meditation CDs that compliment the Healing Touch curriculum and practice: Healing Touch Meditations One Centering, Grounding, Attuning, Self-Chakra Connection and Healing Touch Meditations Two Self Spiral Chakra Meditation, Hara Alignment, Etheric Vitality and more. You can order yours at

Linnie Thomas, HTCP/I
Linnie has authored a very significant book. Her book, The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine, is already gaining lots of attention. You can purchase her book through the Healing Touch Bookstore as well as at most major bookstore’s. She has just signed a contract to translate the book into Portuguese.




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