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Energy Medicine in the Spotlight

Energy Medicine in the Spotlight is an online continuing education resource for Healing Touch practitioners and other energy medicine professionals seeking to grow their understanding of bio-field therapies and practice issues. Recognized professionals in the field of Energy Medicine provide insight into practical opportunities to grow as health professionals. Past recording are available through the member site. See the Business Support- Recorded Call Archive.



Our 2018 Program Schedule:

August 15:  (Free Interview + Paid Training - Four Evenings: September 5 & 19 and October 03 & 17) - Sky Nelson, Physicist & Amelia Vogler MS, HTCP/I

                   Physics, Energy and Synchronicity for the  Healing Touch Practitioner 

June 20:  (Free Interview) - Healing Touch for Animals Founder: Carol Komitor & Amelia Vogler MS, HTCP/I

                   Join Carol Komitor in an illuminating discussion about providing healing touch to animals.    

On-Demand Offering -  Awakening Healing Axis

           "Embracing Higher Frequencies"

February 21: (Free Panel) - Anatomy For Healer's Instructors & Amelia Vogler MS, HTCP/I

                     Join Anatomy For Healer's founder Sue Hoveland and her instructor's Ann Marie Newman, Jeanette Neinabar, and Nancy Lester in a lively dicussion about the energetic stories hiding in our anatomy.       

January 24:  (Free Interview) - Debra Greene, Phd & Amelia Vogler, MS, HTCP/I   

"The Energetics of New Year's Resolutions" -


Past Programs

 (Free Interview) - Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA & Amelia Vogler MS, HTCP/I

               "Speak from your True Voice"   

(Paid Advanced Training) - Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA - "Energetics of Expression"

                - Public replay is not available for paid programs

(Free Interview) -  Rick Hanson, Phd & Amelia Vogler MS, HTCP/I 

                "Hardwiring for Happiness:  Growing Inner Strength for Lasting Resilience & Happiness" 

(Free Training) - Janna Moll, MSN, HTPC/I, QM    

                  "Advanced Hara for Practitioner Development" 

(Paid Advanced Training) - Janna Moll, MSN, HTCP/I, QM  "Advanced Hara for Practitioner Development: Assessment to Practice"

                  - Public replay is not available for paid programs.


Business Support

Business Support SeriesWe recognize that as Healing Touch Practitioners our work is heart-centered and full of integrity, and we strive to empower you with new business-specific information that is in support of your sharing your gifts without compromising these core values.   We aim to provide you with new information, programs, and tools that can offer you new ways of thinking about, running, and expanding your healing business so that you may share your work and create a practice that is sustainable and supportive for you and your clients. 

On-Demand offerings means that you can register and watch immediately.

Current 2018 Schedule

On-Demand Offering -  Janna Moll, MS, HTCP/I, LMT

           "Advanced Case Management" - Register and watch anytime (Free for HT Members, $5.00 Public) 

March 12 & 26 (Free Training) -  Sharla Jacobs, Co-Founder Thrive Academy 

           "The 8 Keys to Attracting New Clients" - Replay is no longer available.

 Past Presentations

Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies

           "Niching 101"    HTPA Members Replay     View a preview of the Niching Spiral in Action

George Kao, Authentic Marketing Coach 

           "Mindful & Authentic Marketing -- Growing Your Healing Business with Heart-Based Facebook Strategies"  

Sharla Jacobs, Co-Founder Thrive Academy 

           "The 8 Keys to Attracting New Clients"

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA

             "Speak from your True Voice"