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Local Chapter Ideas

Our Local Chapters are so creative! Here are some of the possibilities for Chapter activates gathered from existing Chapters. If you think of a new idea, please share it with your National Chapter Lead, Pamela Searles.

  • Practice Groups – meet to practice Healing Touch techniques. Allow apprentices to document sessions.
  • Community Healing – organize through your church, YMCA, etc. to provide HT to members of the community.
  • Speakers – invite speakers on related topics to educate your chapter members.
  • Book group – read and discuss a book of mutual interest.
  • Volunteer opportunities – seek out ways for your chapter members to volunteer in your community.
  • Authors/Book Signings – invite authors of related topics to speak and promote their book.
  • Military Stand Downs – please go to this link to learn about Stand Downs http://www.htprofessionalassociation.com/available-grants/service-to-the-military/about-the-grant
  • Create a Resource Library – organize your group to donate to and manage a resource library.
  • Group Meditation Practice – meditate together on a regular basis to increase the efficacy of your meditation practice.
  • Holiday Gatherings/Celebrations – create community and friendships by joining together for special days and occasions.
  • Self-Care Exchange Groups for Level 4 and higher – support each other and provide HT for your fellow practitioners.
  • Health Fair Participation –use grant funds to support your participation http://www.htprofessionalassociation.com/available-grants/exhibitor-outreach/about-the-grant
  • Fund Raisers for non-profits in your community – identify local non-profit organizations and provide HT for their staff and participants. Accept donations.
  • Long Distance Healings – join with fellow practitioners to increase the vibration of your distance healings.
  • Networking with other Energy Healers – invite practitioners of other healing modalities to share their expertise with your group.
  • Business Issues of Operating a Practice – explore education and support around managing your practice. Invite professionals to speak to your group about taxes, record keeping, finding clients, etc.
  • Build Community with Shared Activities – take walking meditations, walk a labyrinth, visit the Salt Caves, go to a nature center…
  • Plan an Event for International Healing Touch Day https://www.htwfoundation.org/events/international-healing-touch-day
  • Host a Healing Touch Table at Related Conferences and Conventions – research upcoming events where you can promote HT. Nursing conferences, Parkinson’s Foundation, Complementary Therapies Conference, church healing ministries, woman’s night out, etc.
  • Study Group – choose a text or book and create your own class and study group.