Chapter Goals - Healing Touch Professional Association

Chapters Goals

In keeping with HTPA’s purpose and vision, we invite you to align your chapter with the following goals:

  • Create Community – a Local Chapter is organized and facilitated by a specific HTPA member(s). However, everyone, including non-members, are welcome to join and participate.
  • Disseminate Information about Healing Touch and HTPA – a variety of continually expanding resources (articles, research, class & event schedules/descriptions, flyer templates, etc.) are available to chapters.
  • Chapter Meetings – each local chapter decides how often they will meet and what their meetings will consist of. There are meeting ideas and reports from other chapters available. A current listing of local chapters is available on the Community Connections website.
  • Funds – Funds that are raised by a chapter will be kept by the local chapter to cover any operating costs.
  • Buddy Program –chapters may connect to a Buddy Program that pairs a start-up chapter with an established chapter for support, tips and guidance.
  • Participate In and Grow Chapter Projects – some chapter projects are: establishing local HT Clinics; Service Days for the elderly, homeless, military; Health Fairs; Brown Bag Presentations; Outreach to HT students and practitioners who have dropped out; Self-care Plans; Annual HTPA Membership Drive.
  • Create a Chapter Newsletter – sent either e-mail or postal mail.
  • Develop Special Interest Groups – within your chapter you may have different interest groups like business, volunteer, speakers, networkers. It will be fun and exciting to join together to do what you love to do.
  • Explore Group Media Exposure and Advertising – once a chapter is established there are possibilities of finding like-minded individuals to develop co-opportunities with. It can be cost saving to join together to create a local group ad for activities, clients, classes, workshops, etc. Press releases about your chapter and your activities can be sent to your local media outlets.
  • Potential for Group Discounts – many conferences, seminars, retreats, etc. offer discounts for group registrations. An active Chapter can be the pool for such group discounts.
  • Appoint a Lead/Chair –chapters appoint a designated Lead or Chair that sends a monthly recap report to HTPA’s Executive Director. This is done with an easy to fill out template form. The Lead/Chair then distributes the newsletter to their local membership.

For more information about HTPA Local Chapters or to express an interest in starting one, please contact us.